Jim Newheiser – “Why (and How) I Get Up on Monday Mornings”

It’s always good to start your Monday morning with a good, gospel-centered article on why and how you should face another potentially grueling week of ministry. This article was really encouraging to me this morning and I hope it will encourage you as well!

Here’s an excerpt of what Jim had to say:

“So, when Monday morning rolls around, I may initially groan about my physical and even my spiritual weakness, but I will get out of bed anticipating what God will do for His own glory through His Word in the lives of our counselees and trainees. Time and time again, I have been amazed to see Him use my “weakest” state and seemingly ‘foolish’ choice of days to confound me and my counselees with the glories of powerful gospel change.”

If you are interested in reading further on counseling or need counseling resources, I highly recommend that you check out The Biblical Counseling Coalition’s blog. Another great counseling resource is Biblical Counseling for Women.

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