Exponential Conference

2010 National New Church Conference

And yes, I’ve found another one. This looks INCREDIBLE – the Exponential Conference in Orlando, April 19-22.

Supposedly it’s  “the largest gathering of church planters on the planet.” Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, and Mark Batterson are all expected to speak…

I’m hoping they podcast everything.


Another incredible looking ministry conference…

AHHHH! Here’s another one that looks amazing:

Drive Conference 2010:

A conference for church leaders who aren’t afraid to . . .

If you’re in ministry, your tomorrow will probably be very different from your today. You’ll wear countless hats, navigate situations you hadn’t anticipated, and juggle the seemingly random responsibilities that a growing church throws at you . . . being stretched, pulled, and tested every step of the way.

In other words, you’ll TAKE IT OFF-ROAD.

You’ve jumped in with both feet. Now, how do you plan for the unplanned? How do you weigh an opportunity against a risk? How do you gain traction and momentum in a culture that seems to change every second? How do you take your church off-road if they want to “do things the way we’ve always done them”?

At Drive 2010, we’ll explore those questions together. From unpacking the tools used in our environments to dissecting the “what if’s” we all face when doing things differently, we’ll share everything we’ve learned in 14 years of taking it off-road.

Along the way, we’ll hear the latest thoughts on leadership from Andy Stanley. We’ll have breakouts and ministry showcases led by staff from all three of our campuses. We’ll laugh and learn and, above all, worship the God who is always ready to take it off-road.

So round up your church staff, volunteers, and leaders, and join hundreds of others from around the world for Drive 2010.


National Outreach Convention

This looks SO cool… wish I could go sit in for a few days:



It would even been more cool than all the tanks and guns I saw last week at the 2009 Association of the U.S. Army Convention last week 🙂

Last week I was watching all the tweets coming out of Catalyst and wishing I could go sit in on that…

Maybe, one day in the future, I’ll get to attend conferences on ministry and not just dream about them… For now I still need to conquer that mountain of ministry books on my end table.