I love having the opportunity to watch my siblings grow up – even from afar. It’s incredible to get to experience this growth with them and to watch them come to maturity in Christ.

an excerpt from my brother’s recent blog post:

“I learned little things of love through the movies that have now accumulated and impacted the ways I view love and intimacy. However, the movies are probably not the most ideal source for information regarding life and love. But there is also a strong influence from the Bible (however I think it made less of an impact on me while I was really little and is making more of an impact upon me now that I’m older). Through it I have learned that love will never be just a happily ever after ending but it is a lifestyle that’s focus surrounds another rather than me. Furthermore, God must be included in this, else I fail.”

This same little brother once said, many years ago, that love was about “kissing,” and “that was all.” He had asked me to explain love and relationships in just one word. My response was “sacrifice.” He didn’t like that answer much. Granted, he was about 12 years old, and like many little boys, had a slightly inaccurate picture of what life really is about.

Even more encouraging than the change in how he sees love now (truly as “sacrifice” based on his words above), is the way he sees God… He’s not the foreword, an afterthought, or merely punctation in his life. He’s essential, life giving, the only hope of success and fulfillment.

I’m not a parent (though sometimes I feel like one since I have five younger siblings), but I have to say that I’m incredibly proud of Taylor – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for him. I’m absolutely thrilled beyond words that he understands, better than ever before in his life, not only the Truth of Scripture, but also its absolute necessity as a lens and a frame of reference in our lives as followers of Christ.

We’re all in a constant state of understanding this in our own lives. Life itself is a sort of a coming-of-age process for each of us. We’re always changing and growing in Christ. Just when we begin to realize that we’ve learned one lesson, conquered one area of sin (an area where we have refused to trust God), we’re asked to go further and learn more. We’re never ever going to “come of age” as it were, until we’re with Christ. But the more we allow Him to increase in us, the more we will decrease… and the more we’ll understand that we have to be IN Him to live, to grow, and to love.

I love you Taylor.